Just got a VPS, now what?

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  1. Hey, I've just bought a VPS with OVH, and I had a couple questions.
    • Is it possible to run multiple MC servers (including a proxy) alongside a teamspeak and a forum?
    • How would I go about installing the forum
    • How would I install the teamspeak?
    • Is there a way to get teamviewer-like control over my server?
    • Is it possible to put your teamspeak, forum, and server on the same domain? (fatefulmc.org)
    • If not, can you at least put the forum and server on the same domain?
  2. Yes, its possible.
    Linux or Windows Server?
  3. Splazeing


    On most of your questions, yes.

    Use this for a teamspeak control panel:

    To run multiple servers, you can use a control panel like Multicraft, or use screen to run multiple servers without a online panel (much security!)

    I can't help with your other questions.
  4. PhanaticD


    on ovh vps? sure if you get no more than 10 players :S
  5. MikeA

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    How many cores does the VPS have? If it only has one, you're only going to be able to run a single Minecraft server on it probably without overloading it.
  6. A lot of variables here.
    It depends on how much ram and the CPU.
    It depends on what forum software.
    https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads.html - You can find tutorials on youtube on how to install.
    If it's a linux server, no. Just use PuTTY and ssh connections.
    Yes if you point all the domain records to the same IPv4 address.
  7. latiku


    • yes, depending on how many cores the VPS has like Mike said.
    • depends on what forum software you plan on running; xenforo, enjin, etc?
    • using the teamspeak3 server package
    • vnc
    • yes, w/ records
  8. beat u to it <3
  9. Rent it out to other users who would like to put/run stuff on it.

    (If you have enough cpu, ram and as everyone else keeps saying. Cores.)
  10. 2 cores.
    Yeah, I'm not using Multicraft. They have a very small player count limit, and I don't want to pay $25 for a control panel that's really hard to set up.

  11. Technically haven't "bought" it yet. If there's another plan or host I should get, PLEASE let me know.