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  1. hello and thanx for taking a look...
    i do need some help with this... i have 1 dedi and 2 small servers...

    im trying to link the servers together with bungee...
    i currently use creeperhost ,,which at teh same time is a great host,, wants to charge me
    for anything that deals with bungee...

    so my questions are...
    first im using creeperpanel which is ther ver.. of multicraft i guess ..
    i install bungeecord in the /home/minecraft folder rename it to craftbukkit
    and run it, nothing shows up on console but it did load...
    i did manage to link the lobby server to bungee , but anytime i try to add second server
    i get nothing ... i typed the config a 100 times it just keeps telling me parser error..

    now ive typed a million yaml and just dont get this ..

    2nd question will this work running as craftbukkit cause i see no other way to get this to run..
    and when i add plugins ,, like bungee suite to the plugin folder ... they dont load...

    anyone offer some suggestions to why they wont load. and is ther a better way to set this up..
    i know nothing of using ssh ... i tried and had to have them fix the server cause i screwed it up.
    once again i know nothing of using linux commands..

    Ty... for your time...


    oh i searched and found votesend ... to link the votes ,but it is 1.5.1 and errors out when loading on the servers... is ther anything updated for this use.
  2. try my server ill let u see my problem ;(

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