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  1. i just started server hosting professionly and before have jsut used downloading plugins, but now i cant find some that i need and want to learn how to write as im also learning c# skript for unity. i have used python with minecraft on a rasberry pi pc but im guessing its no where near. i got eclipse, ect but am very confused if i really need that and also for a small plugin like something thatll just respond to players chat, do i really need all the code like classes, ect. all i know for java code as of rn is var and function.
  2. I guess you want to use Java not Skript. Just look up on YouTube "Minecraft plugin tutorial". I am sure you will find in-depth Java tutorials to help you along your way!

  3. Check out this website too: https://www.sololearn.com/Course/Java/
  4. Firstly before even getting close to minecraft developing, I recommend that you take a few lessons in Java, get the basics, get a feel of object orientated programming, then proceed to working with the API, you will find your learning much better if you understand Java rather than just learning the API first
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