Just switched to Spigot, TPS better but random freezes occures

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  1. Hello,
    yesterday majority of our servers switched from CB to Spigot. Since then i noticed huge boost on TPS vise which is great. Server with 128 players (5 worlds, around 10.000 chunks loaded at once with around 5000 entities) on had with CB around 10-12 TPS and with latest Spigot 18-20 TPS. Nothing to complain around here.

    Thing which is bugging me is that after we switched to Spigot there are some unexpected freezes which occure every 10 minutes (everything freezes for around 5 seconds and after that everything is suddenly ok again). This didnt happen on CB, no freeze all day long. There is no error in console whatsoever. Also currently we use original bukkit.yml with default setting that Spigot generated.

    Here is my timing from last 24 hours: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=5716904
    But as Ive already said, these timings we had on CB without a problem. So I believe it is not a plugin problem. Please help to find out where could be an error, probably it is something what different setting in bukkit.yml could fix.

  2. Ultraban, Bpermissions, Residence.
  3. Thank you, altho this isnt helpful much, you can read timings well.

    (No offence)

    Well currently it seems that it could be caused by world save, which we have set on 10 minutes. Wierd is, that on CB those freezes during world save didnt happen.
  4. vemacs


    You suck at reading timings. They're hardly taking any full tick.

    Nightik: do /timings off, and take shorter timings. Sorry.
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    Well you said you get lag spikes every 10 minutes, this is probably because Residence is doing some save task or something at an interval of 10 minutes, lagging your server quite a lot each time.
  6. I had to switch for now to CB again, because players were complaining but as Ive said. Now back on latest CB everything is smooth, no freezes etc so it cant be obviously plugins fault.

    Will do, as Ive mentioned I had to switch back now to CB since players were complaining big time, but tomorrow I will so more research with shorter timings. Thanks!
  7. vemacs


    Suggestion: Try changing the chunk-gc interval.
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  8. SuperSpyTX


    The issue is Minigames plugin due to the task taking about 9 seconds to process.

    It might be performing stuff that "works fine on CB" but doesn't work too well in Spigot (perhaps due to the performance enhancements?) There is a variety of factors that might cause the task to work slowly.

    EDIT: That residence task sure does look like a real problem in this report, but it could've been due to a long span of time. As vemacs said, try using shorter timings.
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    Minigames is probably your issue, I have the same problem.
    1 game I recently added can bring my server down, already reported to him about the issue.
  10. Hmmm could try to double it up to 1200
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    Don't you mean 9ms? :p
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    Edit: Ok, i agree with all those "disagree" ratings. Its not :p
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  13. Mikgreg


    I would much rather play on a laggy server than a server that freezes up every few minutes. But hey, that's me.
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    Yeah, misread.
  15. Doesn't chunk-gc run every 10mins, this might be the source?
  16. YoFuzzy3


    Pretty sure chunk-gc is 600 ticks (30 seconds) in the default config.
  17. Oh ok, I thought it was in seconds not in ticks. :p
  18. Well I increased save interval in Residence from 10 minutes to 15 minutes and chunk-gc to 900 and so far so good. No random 10min interval freezes anymore. Well at this moment only around 80-90 players are online, I will wait for more for conclusion.

    Here is shorter timing: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=5742151