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A simple blood plugin for your server ! [Many Blood Perm Support]

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    JustBlood - A simple blood plugin for your server !

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  2. Would be interesting if you could give a different blood type per group.
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  3. Good idéas for next release (in option) thanks
  4. No problem :) If you're able to do this I'll defiantly use this on my server. As it all kind of revolves around different player species. It would be cool to be able to make 1 group bleed red, while another bleeds blue or something :p
  5. The way I would do it (If I was able to code)
    In the config have something like this
    #Group 1
    BloodType: (ID)
    Permission blood.1
    #Group 2
    BloodType: (ID)
    Permission blood.2
    #Group 3
    BloodType: (ID)
    Permission blood.3

    And have this up to 10 groups. That way you can give a different blood type up to 10 groups.
    Which ever group has the correct permission will get that blood type.
    #Group 1
    BloodType: 351:6
    Permission blood.1
    #Group 2
    BloodType: 331
    Permission blood.2

    If I give the permission blood.1 to the Moderator group, they would bleed Cyan Dye. And If I give blood.2 to the group Admin, they would bleed Redstone Dust.
  6. Hum It's possible but for the moment i don't use metadata in a config file
  7. # Default Configuration for JustBlood plugin !
    # Blood: Enable or Disable blood in your server !
    # BlootTypeId: Block id for your server Blood Effect !
    Blood: true
    BloodTypeIdbyDefault: 152
    # If you need many Blood Type in your server, use ( BloodPermissions: true ) and add you the permission.
    BloodPermissions: false
    jb.groupa: 152
    jb.groupb: 152
    jb.groupc: 152
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  8. That sounds good :) I just want to make sure I understand. So for example
    If jb.groupa: 152 was set to jb.groupa: 351:6 people with the permission would bleed Cyan Dye?
  9. yes i think tomorrow for metadata :) (just blood system its only with block for the moment)
  10. I look forward to see how to turns out :)
  11. Ok i think
  12. Oh wow I am dumb xD I Just installed the plugin and saw that it's a particle effect not actual blocks. I am sorry I didn't realize this sooner. The few blood plugins I have tried they are just blocks :p
  13. Well, now that I know how the plugin actually looks like :p I think you should add the config that you thought of, and instead of being able to add blocks just do more particle effect. :)
  14. More particules effect always in group ? In 1.0 you can change already type of particules
  15. But can you give a certain particle effect per group? So for example, Mod has red. Admin has blue
  16. No Metadata for Moment. Mod = 152 Admin = 57 ....
  17. Okay sorry :p Let me know when you add it please.
  18. Hey great plugin! I have a small suggestion too. Could you also make it play the getting hurt sound along with the blood? Is that possible? Because now when you attack mobs it plays the breaking redstone sound with the effect which is kind of strange. If the other sound was played it would be louder than the redstone sound and would mask it. Apart from being realistic. I am not sure if some people would find it annoying to hear the getting hurt sound while attacking mobs but i think it would sound more realistic than the strange block sound. Maybe you can leave it as an option from the config file if you want.

    Great job anyway :) Simple plugin. works well and adds a much needed blood aspect to minecraft :)
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  19. Ok i think and idea to change Sound Effect or Disable :)
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