Solved Keep spawner active without player nearby

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  1. Any way to do this? Will creating an invisible player Object and teleporting it to the location work?
  2. Also, I want spawners to be active within a certain radius of a block. I assume the only option for this is to create a simulation of the spawning for each spawner and make sure it is not active
  3. I really don't know why you would want to do this?

    The implementation would be to increase your server's load and possibly cripple the server.

    Most server owners would probably want to clear mobs from un-attended spawners.

    Because more mobs cause more server load and hence what is generaly termed as 'lag'

    I remember one instance when someone managed to get around 800 villagers into the nether, and I had quite a job on clearing them out and securing the mob farm.
  4. Bump, in sum, need to keep certain spawners active within a certain radius of a block. any idea?
  5. You have to have a player for mob spawners to work.

    Pulled from the server code itself:
    Code (Text):
    return this.a().isPlayerNearby(...
  6. Sometimes you need to just recreate a MC mechanic to have it do as you want. I think it would be best for you to make your own spawner simulation that would follow the rules of spanwers documented on the minecraft wiki.

    I did this with minecraft snow to have it accumulate, while it is not easy, it is better than hacking some sort of solution with faking players and whatnot.
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