Spigot KeepChunks 1.6.8

The most powerful chunk loading plugin!

  1. Can you please release this for 1.8
  2. SlimeDog

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    1.8 isn't even a supported version of Spigot. Please consider upgrading your server into the brave new world.
  3. yea it is im running spigot 1.8.8???!!!?!?
  4. By, "1.8 isn't supported", they mean that bug fixes and exploit patches are not being released for spigot 1.8 - meaning that using it is not a good idea.
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  5. I really dont care about bug fixes but whenever I click on version history only the recent one shows up which is for 1.15 I want a 1.8.8 version
  6. I have a question:

    "It is not yet possible to use this plugin for crop growing, item farming and mob spawning due to limitations in Minecraft."

    I do not understand this argument, the ironfarm produces an insane amount of iron, but this does include the spawning of iron gollem and transporting of iron ingots right? That crops do not grow I can confirm, but afking at this farm and having them brought over to my storage chunks away works very well. So in my experience item farming and mob spawning does work?

    It works flawless over multiple dimensions, I have a honey farm in the end dimension, it works great.

    Awesome plugin!
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  8. would it be possible to add a sort of currency/counter for players? i'd like to limit players based on ranks to certain numbers. a random new guest shouldn't be given a loader really, you don't know if these ever return, but to players of higher rank (or playtime) chunkloaders would make an attractive benefit.
  9. I have a problem, i was using it for a sand/concrete powder duper on 1.15.2, and it was working fine, but now on 1.16.1 it isn't anymore (i'm using KeepChunks 1.6.5), it should be or it isn't updated for 1.16.1 yet?
  10. What happens if the server has automated restarts? Will the specified chunks we want to keep, still be remembered?
  11. Of course!
  12. • Heavily customisable; You decide when the chunks should load. On server startup, on every world load, or only keep them loaded after a player has been close to it!

    How? There's no command, there's nothing in the config or the data yml files that let you choose how it will load
  13. hi the description says that this was tested in 1.16 but mine says its incompatible is there a version that works w 1.16
  14. I'm looking for this too.

    In addition, I'm not even sure if this is working or not. I marked an area to keep loaded (used worldguard). I logout, I do a /gc and the number of chunks loaded looks the same without the plugin.
  15. Will not load on 1.16.2: [KeepChunks] Your server version is not compatible with this release of KeepChunks
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  16. This doesn't seem to work with a falling block duper, and the chunk wont stay loaded
  17. i would check if you have any other plugins that might be interfering. This works for me on 1.16.3. I would check if that requires a player to be near by. I know that plants do not grow, even in loaded chunks, unless a player is nearby.
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