1.15.2 Keeping fish hook

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  1. Hey, so I want to make a fishing plugin where the fish is actually a real fish that is spawned on the world (Salmon.., hope that make sense to you xD) so basically I cancel the fish event when state is CAUGHT and then make the fish hook, hooked into the actual fish that I've spawned on the world. So then I make a listener that listen for right click of fishing rod and do my "fish power decreasing logic" but the problem is when I cancel the right click listener it removes the fish hook. Is there's any way I can kept the fish hooked whatever the case is?
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  2. Could you not just change the loot tables of the fish drops?

    I also don't really understand what you're trying to say but that was my guess at what you're wanting
  3. I can't really explain it fully either without code snippets or video demonstration xD. But the point is simple I want to add a hook to entity without it being removed if the hooked entity is too far or maybe player right clicked to release the hook