Solved Keeping get a Error 502

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by ArJemGalaxyYT, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. Recenlty, I have been getting a Error 502 on Spigot. What happened to Spigot?
  2. It seems to be having some issues right now, I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.
  3. Yeh i hope soo i took me a while to make this thread because of the Error 502
  4. Yeah it also took me a while to send my post.
  5. LoneDev


    Same issue in Italy
  6. Took me 1 hour to make this reply xD because of that Error 502 and also i get Error 520 i think spigot is getting ddosed?
  7. Everything seems to be fixed now.
  8. Yeh
  9. Probably a little flood attack.
  10. They just wanted everyone to test their boat identification skills.
  11. LoneDev


    Seems some of the payments of my premium resources got registered correctly by PayPal but not by Spigot during the attack.
    So if you have any premium resource you should check manually if each user got added correctly as buyer.

    I hope this info can be useful