Keeping Players on your server

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  1. Ok i been running a server for about a year and we had so much stress on getting players to stay its a Factions pvp raiding server alot of players love the server but it gets boring and some players dont stay long or like to play for long peroids of times its a cracked server but we advertise alot we can get 15-20 players in a hour or so but we just have trouble keeping players i know alot of server have this problem to would any one want to share some fun plugins that you use to keep players not bored of playing and have more fun? we have mob arena already but would like some other stuff to keep players entertained
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    Keeping player is indeed hard, everything needs to be kept fun and interesting.

    I've ran a vanilla-esque server for over a year now (and prior to that, another vanilla-esque server for 2 years) and the truth of the matter is, it just doesn't keep its charm for long.

    With so many game changing servers and plugins, Vanilla is starting to feel very plain and boring in comparison.

    Keep things interesting, however you go about that is up to you. I'm adding magical wands etc to my server to keep combat fresh, but again, things need to keep changing for players to stay interested.

    I understand now why RPG servers are becoming a hit thing - they add new quests and so much content that it's fun for players to learn and grasp all of the new mechanics.
  3. Yeah i know its hard keeping players but one thing i noticed its best to advertise during winter break or over the summer like during winter break we had 60 plus now its barely 5 plus on all the time even tho we have alot of donators its just hard to keep em up
  4. I've learned to keep players on their toes. Every week to two weeks we cycle through a set of plugins I call Event Plugins. One week we may put in MoreMobs (CB plugin, not client), then another week we'd put DiabloDrops up with only monsters using the enchanted loot with weekends they drop them for players to gather.

    What I've had trouble with is about 75-90% of players that join my server don't bother to do much and log off. Either they don't like what they first see when they log in, or they don't like the fact of a Greifer friendly (raidable) server if players don't bother to use the proper protections (towny and/or lwc).
    Once they bother to read the rules, they don't like something and leave, or get upset because their attempts at /agree do not work when /agree is not the command nor the agree command stated in the 6 lines of basic rules. Yes, we force our players to actually read the rules for the rules agree command, which is fairly blunt to see.