Spigot KFK Anti Cheat 1.3.3

Anti Cheat Plugin

  1. As i can see, this plugin send a resourcepack and check player client for modification, so it s brilliand idea i think. But when i test it so nothin happend when i join the server, I write /kfk <nick> and nothing is happend. Whot i am do wrong?
  2. no no no is a automatic system and not send a resourcepack is a send packet and get packet data
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  3. KFKAntiCheat updated KFK Anti Cheat with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. I Update a plugin and is a automatic system and commands
    /kfk yardım
    /kfk config
    /kfk versiyonu
    I add en language to V1.3
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  5. interesting idea, but it will also detect players who have hacked client installed, but aren't using it, so like they just have a separate version for testing in singleplayer and plays with normal 1.8 in your server, they will still get kicked, so that's not very nice
  6. I have a suggestion, can you make a alert message to staff like that one please:

    &cPlayer <player> got kicked by KFK Anticheat. Reason: //n &c<reason>

    <reason> may be like that:

    Jigsaw/settings.json, Jigsaw 1.12/settings.json
  7. Good İdead i will think about it
  8. I Add Detect Modules On 1.5
    I Coded Speed And Killaura module
    I need to code the fly module and update plugin
    Thanks For The Comment
    I add Enable And Disable FileSystem
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  9. When new vrsion will be realised?