Spigot kHeal 1.0.0

A Token based healing plugin!

  1. Very little detail. Useless plugin as most people use Essentials. I have not downloaded this plugin but from what you said this is what you should do to somewhat make it better :p

    You Need:
    Make in the config a optional cooldown.
    Make in the config a cooldown message
    Make in the config a message when it heals you.
    Make in the config a way to enable heal for money. So the players get healed if they spend money on it. (Vault or other economy needed)


    Permission Ideas:
    kheal.use (Gives permission to use /kheal)
    kheal.vip1 (Lowers cooldown)
    kheal.vip2 (Lowers cooldown more than vip1)
    kheal.vip3 (Lowers cooldown more than vip2)
    kheal.vip4 (Lowers cooldown more than vip3)
    Here is some code if you need it:
    Code (Text):

    /** This will check the higher permissions first so you can add sub ranks with the lower permission but still get the highest one. **/
    if(Player.haspermission(vip4) {
    //do code
    if(Player.haspermission(vip3) {
    //do code
    if(Player.haspermission(vip2) {
    //do code
    }if(Player.haspermission(vip1) {
    //do code

    if(Player.haspermission(use) {
    //do code
    Hopefully that helps you with future plugin development. Good Luck!

    -Team Sensation
  2. I was working on this, Just setting up self configured timing