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  1. Hello, i got a bug on my server. Sometimes, the server kick me and my friends for : IllegalArgumentException : Team TEST already exists in this scoreboard @

    PS: I'm French :p
    Thnaks You !
  2. Gianluca

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    Stop your server
    Go to your world directory
    Delete scoreboard.dat
    Restart your server

    Should fix it
  3. BTW the plugin that's doing this is a scoreboard plugin, so delete your scoreboard plugin(if it was custom made ask the dev to fix it because it isn't supposed to do that)
  4. Gianluca, doesn't work, xPlumpOrange, I don't have a scoreboard plugin, i got Vault, NameTagEdit, essentials, groupmanager ...
  5. Is there a scoreboard set up at all on the server because a scoreboard is kicking you.
  6. ok thanks you very much !!!
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