Kick players which dont use subdomain

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  1. Hey,

    I want to kick players if they trying to connect without a subdomain. My bungeecord is running on port 25570. I want that players are forced to use a subdomain to connect. Is there a fancy way to do this? I know how to move them to a non existing server, but then they'll get an ugly error message. ._.

    test.domain.tld -> Ok
    domain.tld:25570 -> Not Ok

    I could code it as own plugin but I don't know how to find out how the player is connected ._.

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. latiku


    If you're trying to prevent players from accessing your backend servers, use OnlyProxyJoin.
  3. @empshock
    I don't want to prevent them from joining my backend servers, I want to prevent them from joining my bungeecord without a subdomain. :eek:
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  4. Only set the subdomain an A record in DNS?