Solved Kick whilst conneting to Hub: The same username is already playing on the server!

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  1. Getting this constantly on only one server. It does this when I connect to my Spigot 1.8.8 server with a 1.12.2 client. And only have two plugins to test whats causing it, and ends up possibly being one.

    [Disconnect] User LoXR has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer [Server]
    INFO LoXR left the game.
    [Server] INFO Plugins (2): Factions, ViaVersion

    I've tried it without factions and seems to able to reconnect to the server fine from Hub, but with it back it gives that message.

    What can I do?
  2. Does it always make you unable to connect, from the first try and so on?
  3. On a server restart it allows me to get in, but I do a method of joining, /hub, join, /hub, and when I try rejoin, it will keep saying "Kicked whilst connecting to Hub: The same username is already playing on this server!" But when you rejoin with a 1.8.8 client, it will allow you in.
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  5. It was due to ViaVersion, set auto-team to false if you are 1.8.8
  6. Congrats! You got hacked by facebook!
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