Solved Kicked whilst connecting: Server still starting up

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  1. As the topic says, when I try to connect to a server on my BungeeCord network through the hub server, I get this message in console:
    28.05 17:27:26 [Server] INFO Disconnecting [email protected][id=b06be41d-0df5-4520-9867-c70968df7737,name=XxStianXElitexX,properties={textures=[[email protected]]},legacy=false] (/ip): Server still starting up 28.05 17:27:26 [Disconnect] User [email protected][id=b06be41d-0df5-4520-9867-c70968df7737,name=XxStianXElitexX,properties={textures=[[email protected]]},legacy=false] (/ip) has disconnected, reason: Server still starting up

    In-game message:
  2. Try changing your Hub server to offline mode. Also check your version to see if it matches.
  3. My hub is offline mode, yes. I use ViaVersion, the server I am trying to connect to is 1.8, I use ViaVersion all the way up to 1.9.4, my current version is 1.9.
  4. Using KitBattle?

    or list your plugins
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  5. Hi again, yes, I am using Kitbattle. Still want a list of plugins?


    Plugins (35): CoreProtect, WorldEdit, VoidKiller, ServerTokens, Essentials, SpawnJoin, Votifier, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, Holograms, KitBattle, BossBarAPI, EssentialsChat, EditableSign, PermissionsEx, ReporterGUI, ConditionalCommands, PartyAndFriendsGUI, ViaVersion, InstantRespawn, CustomJoinItems, Vault, EssentialsSpawn, MyCommand, PlayerParticles, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, TitleManager, ProtocolLib, AAC, ChestCommands, React, BattleLevels, ServerSigns, HolographicDisplays, LeaderHeads
  6. In the config of KitBattle, there is a option for startup delay, set that too a lower amount, and you may ask why there is such a thing?

    Cos when you run MySQL it takes some time to load up, to read all the heads you placed etc, so it doesn't have a problem with empty stats etc.
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  7. If you're talking about the "Load-delay" it's around 10, I've never had any issue with it before. I recently downloaded these plugins:

    • AAC (Updated)
    • Conditional Commands (Downloaded)
    • ProtocolLib (Updated)
    • BattleLevels (Downloaded)
    • BossBarAPI (Downloaded)
    • React (Downloaded)
    Here's the full console (startup) from bottom and up, for some reason the console is turned upside down.
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  8. I think that was it yes, lower it, to like 1, I wouldn't do it personally cos the reasons I told you but okay.
  9. The problem is AAC, sometimes crashes on start, trust me
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  10. Discovered a couple of the plugins arent even loading, I have downloaded the .jar file, but the folders dont generate. Will try to re-install a couple, see how it goes.

    And yes, as you, @Galber_SS pointed out, AAC is one helluva plugin when it comes to installing the "right" version, compatible versions, dependencies, the whole package. Will look into it, thanks :)
  11. Appeared to be the AAC plugin, thank you for all help! :)
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