Spigot KickFromClaim

Kick unwanted intruders out of your GriefPrevention Claim

  1. Indeed /spawn is also a solution.

    - increasing the current distance
    - configurable distance
    - command (spawn/randomtp)
    Whatever the author chooses. I'll be happy with it.
  2. I've been running into trouble with generating random locations with the increased search area.

    I haven't abandoned the plugin, its just not running at an acceptable standard for release just yet.

    i.e. The search either takes too long, or the server crashes because it can't complete the search within 1 tick. I'm refining the mechanic though, and it should be working shortly.

    The original version of the plugin was random, however, it was a different setup entirely.
  3. If you can't manage, sending to spawn with a delay would do fine for me. There's nothing safer than that after all.
  4. I'll get it done one, I may have to sacrifice the checks I put in place to guarantee that the same random location doesnt get safety checked twice.

    It may be more efficient to just check a location for safety and move on to the next one, rather than guaranteeing that each location hasn't been previously checked.
  5. Any progress on this?
  6. @Mithrandir Whoops.. Sorry, I mostly finished it and forgot about it.

    Its on my PC at home. I'm away for a few more days.
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  7. 1.16 is out for GP, does this still support the plugin?
  8. It should because the GP API is not changed.
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  9. Glad to hear it :)
  10. @TakenNone Either way, the plugin is getting an Update. I promised Random teleports, increased range etc. And I intend to deliever.
    To everyone waiting on the next update: I've had my hands full with HorseTpWithMe for the last few weeks. *A belated update will come soon.

    Edit: * fixed typo.
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  11. Sounds good! I'll keep an eye on it!
  12. Sup. Is this still on?
  13. @TheMrJezza Seems pet kick is not working to kick players pets out. It just keeps the pet there.
  14. @Skizzles What server version are you on?
  15. 1.16.4 Yatopia
  16. @Skizzles Sorry for the late reply. I'll look into it now.

    Edit: Remember, by design, if you cannot kick the owner of a pet (because of trust, bypass perms etc.) you cannot kick the pets.
  17. Yes this was tested with default player accounts :), All good on the late reply. Appreciate it!
  18. @Skizzles What kind of pets are you trying to kick?

    I can't reproduce the issue. Does the kick confirmation message appear? (The YouKickedAPet message in the Language.yml)
  19. A pet dog was trying to be kicked, the message appears but the dog stays in place.
  20. Was it just this dog? Was it an admin claim? Was the owner of the dog online? The more details I have, the easier I can find the cause. I need to know how to reproduce the issue before I can work on it.