Solved Kicking players 1 by 1?

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  1. What is the best way to kick players 1 by 1 with a delay of X ticks on server stop/restart?
  2. Create a bukkit runnable timer, kick a user each time it runs.
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  3. Create a BukkitRunnable in onDisable and kick a random user every X amount of time?
  4. And if the server turns off before I kick all the players?
  5. Create a async scheduler or create a new Thread and forEach all players, then kick them and sleep the Thread for a second.
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  6. If the server crashes then it is impossible to kick them before it happens, as far as I'm aware of. You can create an async repeating task that will run X seconds onDisable. You can then kick the player like so and sleep the thread for X seconds:
    Code (Java):
    Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers().stream().findAny().ifPresent(player->player.kickPlayer("You have been kicked"));
    However, knowing what you want to achieve would make us better understand your situation and help you accordingly.
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  7. nope, not completely agree, if the bukkit server crash and u doing it with bungee, it is possible to get the player from bungee side, and force them to other server, same as kick :L
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  8. This aint bungee related as it is not in the bungee section.
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  9. okay, just give another solution if must doing that :p