Solved Kill death/ratio not showing correctly, double not working?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by mrdado243, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. So i'm making kill/death ratio on my server that is displayed by scoreboard but for some reason it's not working correctly it's not showing decimal value!
    i will upload screenshots of problem thanks for help!
    This is how it looks
    this is how it should be (google says so, .. lel)
    this is convertion
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  2. This is because you're still just dividing integers, using
    Code (Text):
    should do the trick.
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  3. uhm please check the code i need to get kill/death ratio and ints are full numbers so?
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  4. Yeah... So convert them to a type that can represent decimals, the snippet I posted above will help you do this.
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  5. When you write it to the scoreboard, what does that line look like?

    Do a system.out right after you assign kdr to its variable and see what it outputs to the console.

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  6. it is getting values from config every 60 ticks while scoreboard updates.
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  7. ok, .. so i should make int that devides 2 ints and than this double?
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  8. Integers represent a whole number, therefore doing an integer division will result in a whole number. Hence why you are getting 2.0 because the result has been rounded. In order to get a decimal result you need to use types that can represent decimals.

    Code (Text):
    int kills = getConfig().getInt("playerkills." + p.getName().toLowerCase());
    int deaths = getConfig().getInt("playerdeaths." + p.getName().toLowerCase());
    double kda = Double.valueOf(kills) / Double.valueOf(deaths);
    The above should work.
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