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Is this hacking?

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  1. Yes, Definitely hacks

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  2. No, Its a glitch

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  3. No, Its a glitch

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  4. Yes, Definitely Aimbot

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  5. Yes, Definitely killaura

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  1. Hi I am a former moderator/owner of a few servers in my time in those servers I had experienced some hackers in which I did ban however, With this video from a server I am only a donator of. I seen this small clip brought to the entire servers attention by FrozenLadder. Which is shown here . I would like to know what this is and that the cause of this is. Is it KillAura? Is it Aimbot? Is it just a uncontrollable glitch? what is it, And what caused this to happen?

    I decided to post this here because this does due with my and others knowledge with Server Administration. I would like to know from multiple owners that may of had more experience with hackers and their nature with hacking, I can't just completely claim its hacks without considering all things that are possible to lead to this conclusion whether its hacker or not.

    Update: The voting seems to be glitched don't vote for hacks I want to know exactly what this is.
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  2. Most likely aimbot. This particular hack causes the hackers view to lock onto a player. That is why you see his head following the first player untill he gets a certain distance away, at which point his head snaps back to the direction he is running.
  3. Okay thanks, Any other owners have any opinions?
  4. Definitely Aimbot or a type of entity mod.
  5. It looks like you are using wolfram there is a 'FakeHackers' Hack that makes it look like players are looking at you while they are walking the other direction. You must of turned it on by accident...