KillAura Detect / Crosshair

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  1. Example : Kill Aura / Force Field detect logic.

    Player damage to get crosshair coordinate if != damager player coordinate hack detect?

    Code or document please. Thanks
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    here is some shitcode

    Code (Text):
    player = getplayer();

    if !player.isfacingplayer(getdeadguy())
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  3. No need to show ;) I want help
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  6. Hello, you know me? I want help " Code or document page "

    Please Not need to show.. Only 1-2 like rating.
  7. What are you asking for? How do find out whether or not somebody is looking at the entity they damaged?

    If so you could probably do that like this:
    Code (Text):
    vectorDamagerToPlayer = playerEyeLocation(as Vector)#subtract( damagerEyeLocation(as Vector))

    //If dot product between the damage look direction and the calculated vector is below, say ... 0.5 things may not be legit