Spigot KillRanks 1.1

Allows You to Rank for Kills

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    Kill Ranks - Allows You to Rank for Kills

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  2. Hi amazing plugin, but can you add reward when a players level up?
    Reward item and command ,like :
    - give {player} 288 2
    - feed {player}
    - and more

    Please please :) I'm a YouTuber and I'm French I'm going to make a video from your plugin
  3. Sure! I'll start adding it in a bit!
  4. Thanks so mush..
  5. Hey I just finished it and tested! However the plugin wont be free forever. When I start using it for my server and adding new features and this well be premium.
  6. This seems like a great idea for a plugin. However you should add a bit of proof as of Why the plugin should be trusted for download, and possibly also a video for evidence showing that it actually works.
  7. I'll make a video about it as soon as possible!
    Also I had to delete update because I forgot to add the {player} variable.
  8. okay but how many you buy your plugin ?
  9. and you should add /rank reload.
  10. So /rank will rank you up once you got enough kills?
    If so this is the plugin I was about to request! Thank you so much!!!
  11. I fixed update! Read Update in Files Page!
  12. I'll add it now and wait on the update.
    No /Rank tells you how much kills you need. once you have enough kills it levels you up.
  13. Ooooo even better! Sadly I need to wait to download, please don't make it premium tomorow!
  14. I can't make any promises! But I'm almost done with the update!
  15. If your asking how much well I make the plugin cost? About $5?
  16. Make sure to give ratings!
    Also if you make of video of plugin contact me so I can upload it to page :)
  17. Yes, thanks i'm going to make a video tomorrow in my server. :D
    thanks you so much