Spigot KillRanks 1.1

Allows You to Rank for Kills

  1. Your welcome! Happy to be of service :)
  2. i have a question, when I do /rankset Pitch 1 ==> he said me "You were moved to the group Citoyen in world ..
    Citoyen is my Group, but I don't want change my group.
  3. It just does that to make sure player is in that group, I added it so it basically syncs your KillRanks with Ranking Plugin making sure they are the same.
  4. Got it, thank you so much! Been needing this plugin!

    Does it require a MySQL database?
  5. Nope it saves in Config.YML for now.
  6. If you guys have anymore requests to add just ask!
  7. Hey guys, I know you guys want updates on this version but I won't be doing it as often as the new KillRanks the paid version KillRanks+ has many more features and is updated more often.
  8. With new update put false in ShowMaxRankMessage in config!
  9. If a plugin is >10 kb it lowers the chance of plugin getting accepted as premium
  10. This is free version. Paid is 20KB and is going to be larger in next update. Planning on adding mob kills.
  11. k
  12. Plugin works really well, even though it hasn't been updated :p
  13. Hello! I will be buying your updated version if all goes well with this, but I've encountered some issues.

    Whenever someone joins my server and kills another player, they're told "You are already max rank!"

    I know this is an error on my part, and that I screwed something up. If you could take a look at my startup log and config that'd be great!


    If you can help me with this this plugin will get five stars!
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  14. Same issues occur for me aswell.
  15. Would leave a rating, but your not active enough on this for me to download it.
  16. Sorry, my computer is broken and I'm on a temporary computer that isn't mine so I don't have the files, but I decompiled the older version on this site and fixed it. My main computer had all the new things in it.
  17. Regarding your issue, the name has to be the group name.

    Also if you guys have any suggestions for KillRanks 1.2 tell me :) I'm also considering KillRanks+ and free version.