Spigot KillRanks 1.1

Allows You to Rank for Kills

  1. Hmm. Most likely an error on my part, every time a player makes a kill they are still receiving the same issue, where it says you have reached the max rank. If you could show us what each thing in the Configuration does, that may help. I'm still confused on the rank 0, and rank 1. When a player makes a kill they instantly rank up to the 1st rank which should take thirty kills to get. If you'd like to talk about this over Skype, it's DarkCrimsonFury.

  2. They are the same name but the issue still occurs and what fix did the update include except 1.8 support?
  3. It was just 1.8 support, I lost the files I had because I started rewriting it and I'll have to do so again.
  4. Thank you sir, this will be very useful for the new kit server I am coming out with.
  5. I was wondering if you could add a GUI to this project so that people can see the ranks we use?
  6. I was thinking, a cool thing to add would be rank thresholds. Reaching this threshold could run a command, telling the player "You are 500 Kills away from Rank 7!" This could also be used to give a reward halfway through a rankup. Allowing us to set a certain amount of thresholds for each rank would be cool, and a command to tell you how far away from rankup would also be nice. A command such as /ranks would show ranks, like most rankup plugins, and a command like /rankdistance would open up a customizable .txt.

    This may also need variables to function properly, such as {player}, {rank}, {world}, and maybe {killsaway} if that'd be possible. This would be a great feature to add, as it would allow for more plugin customization.
  7. Use a Chest GUI Plugin for this.

    There are many out there, just search for "Chest GUI" On Bukkit or Spigot.

    Yes, he could add something, but it would take time to implement that feature, and that's time he can use to add other features he has on his mind.
  8. Hello.

    The staff on my server want to play but whenever they reach a certain amount of kills their rank changes and takes away the staff rank.

    Can you add in the Config a list of groups that will be ignored?

    So someone with Rank1 will get a kill towards the next rank, but when a staff member kills him the kill does nothing.

    If you could add this my staff would be less reluctant to play!
  9. You can set their rank to the max rank, in the configuration and it'll ignore them.
  10. Will this work with groupmanager? If not please make it work!