Kimsufi dedi or OVH vps for small server?

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  1. A few years ago I had a KS-4C, which doesn't appear to exist anymore on Kimsufi. I am looking at maybe the KS-5/7, but I have read people saying the single core for Minecraft is bad.

    I am wondering if it matters much for my usage. There will be 5-10 people, minimal plugins like coreprotect but otherwise vanilla.

    However I recently read about someone suggesting a VPS from OVH for similar price (+20$ CDN) for better performance. I don't know much about VPS, other than people say your resources are not guaranteed.

    I am also considering hosting a FTB pack like Age of Engineering, for less than 5 people. For that reason I may considering looking at the KS-9.

    Thanks for any insight.
  2. If you're looking to host a really small server with barely any plugins for a handful of people, then something from Kimsufi should be overall fine. It won't be fast, and it won't be able to handle a lot, and I would suggest getting something more powerful, but if it's really only for a handful of people with minimum plugins then it should be fine. Would suggest to go with Kimsufi over an OVH VPS simply due to the fact that the Kimsufi Dedi has more cores (unless we compare the smallest dedi from Kimsufi to the most high-end VPS from OVH).
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  3. If you want cheap and powerful VPS or dedicated server I can recommend Hetzner. I got mine i7 4770, 2x2Tb HDD, 32Gb RAM for only 27€/mo.

    You can choose between multiple distros, you have KVM access and additional IP-addresses are cheap (starting 0.84€/mo for dedicated servers I think).

    They have these server auctions where you can get very cheaply your server and the servers are located in German and in Finland.

    The cheapest VPS is only 3.08€/mo and you are billed per hour so you can stop any time and pay that price you used the server.

    , Dedicated servers, Auctions

    Hope this helps!
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  4. In terms of CPU performance, the KS-7 is probably the best you can get from Kimsufi.

    The specs on the KS-7 are:

    Intel i3-2130 @ 3.4GHz (2 cores / 4 threads)
    8GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
    2TB SATA
    100mbps network

    Notice that the CPU speed is much better than any of the other machines, a fast CPU is one of the most important things for a Minecraft server.

    For a 5 player server, I feel the KS-7 should be enough, but I have no experience running FTB servers and don't really have a good grasp on their requirements.

    If you need something better than the KS-7, I would recommend checking out SoYouStart. Never use an OVH VPS to run a Minecraft server. I would caution against using a VPS for Minecraft at all, and advise using a dedicated server.
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  5. I like the SSD OVH to be honest as I've personally used this. I've ran it before with 40 concurrent players online for a couple hours with no problems with latency or server lag.
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  6. KS-10 is kinda the old ks-4c

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