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  1. I just got a Kimsufi server a few days ago and I think that I'm the only one to access it since I bought it. Last night I received a message from Kimsufi:
    I did receive the user name and password for FTP so I can recover my files, but I want to still use this server.
    I also received an email saying the defect was over:
    But I still have no access to my server and the panel says it is in OVH Anti-Hack Rescue for it's boot option. So I can't do anything other than access my files.

    Does anyone have any experience with OVH and Anti-Hack rescue or any possible solution to this? Why is this happening?
  2. Call them.
    The best way to get a answer of any company PayPal/OVH is to call them.
    They are very understanding as ive heard.
    I also recommend you download your files now.
  3. Reinstall the server and secure it instantly.
  4. Can you reinstall when its in Rescue Mode?
    Never had my dedi from SyS or ovh in rescue mode so i have no idea.
  5. Eh I never had to use the OVH/SyS Rescue mode but I thought all the time for this kind of problem you use the rescue mode to reinstall your server.
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  6. @meytro @Latouth
    Thank you very much! I was able to do a reinstall and now I do have access. Any tips on securing the server?
  7. Use ufw to limit access to your SSH daemon, use common sense.
  8. Disable Root-Login over SSH and use complex passwords. Disable everything what you don't use (apache, mysql, w/e).
  9. I'd recommend just having a firewall default'ed to `DENY` and then manually open just what I need.
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  10. A service which doesn't run is safer than a service which is protected through a firewall. In the end you are right, it doesn't matter much :)
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  11. You're right as well, but a firewall will catch services you don't know about as well.
  12. Do you still needing help?
  13. No I have resolved this by just reinstalling centos. Thank you anyways!
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