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    So, I was discussing this with my friend & server admin, which plan is best for a small towny & creative server network from Kimsufi? We only need around 8GB of RAM but their 8GB RAM servers come with a i3-2130 processor @ 3.4GHz (As seen here)
    We're stuck between their KS-3 & KS-4 servers, We don't want it to be overkill but enough to host around 50 players at a given time, any advice is welcome!
  2. Back in the day I used to run a Towny server on a KS-4. It worked very well and I'm sure it should suit your needs just fine. It was ~30-40 players at the time.
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  3. I ran my first prison server on one of these wit ha 20-30 playerbase worked well.
  4. 20-30 player base means 30 players online constantly?

    Also I think that's low for this box... IMO it should handle 200 - 300 players on 3,4 spigot instances without problems...
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  5. Well that was the average during day time hours.
  6. I prefer soyoustart
  7. use the ks-4 because you don't want hyperthreading and that is the one with the best single thread without it
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    Can you explain why hyper threading is a bad thing to have enabled on Intel processors that support it?
  9. because chunk loading is multicored and if you have that loading down the same (physical) core as the main tick loop it will go slower.
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    Do you have anything to back this up? Most of the Kimsufi/SYS servers don't have hyperthreading anyways I don't think, but if so, turning it off would just be a dumb suggestion.
  11. here is my logic

    minecraft tick loop is single core minecraft chunk loading is multi core minecraft will nmot use the same logical core/thread for both tasks but with hyperthreading there are 2 logical cores/threads that makeup one physical core so that second logical core/thread per physical core would slow the other thread on the same core down if it had any workload