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  1. I'm currently using xHostFire for my minecraft server but I want to upgrade. I run a survival server with 15 - 20 players on average but that number is increasing.
    So is the KS-4 good enough for a survival survival up to 50 players? Which server should I get if I want to expand in the future and have a hub with 2-3 servers?
  2. No, it will not run that well with that intel atom CPU.. You're better off with the KS-10 where that CPU is way more faster for the amount of servers and playerbase you're planning to hold
  3. Alright I'll probably end up getting that then - but what about KS-6 or KS-7? How would they hold up?
  4. The i3-2130 (KS-7) is faster in terms of CPU performance for the servers, although with 8GB RAM running the servers and keeping some RAM left for the OS I'll wish you good luck with keeping it smooth
  5. Got it. I'm going for the KS-10. Do you know where I can find a good guide on how to transfer over/setup my server to Kimsufi? This is my first time not using a cheap hosting site like mcpro or xhostfire

    And would France lag for me & my players since I am in the US?
  6. There is also a KS-10 in Canada which is unfortunately not in stock. But keep in mind that you're getting a higher ping from the US to Europe, in this case, France.