Premium Kingdoms+ Battle for Land, Might and Glory 1.8.8 - 1.12.2 [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Hex_27, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Hello @Hex_27 ,
    could you add support for 1.13?

    Thanks in advance :D
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  2. Any news about next update?
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  3. Hi,
    How could i enable Chat Prefixes. On my config its :true but not working. I'm using essentialsX and permissionsEx. Spigot 1.12.
  4. Any news on 1.13 / 1.13.1 Support coming soon?
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  5. Afaik, Kingdoms is currently undergoing a complete recode and 1.13 support is planned. There is no official info on when will the update be ready, but it will improve the plugin in every possible way once it's done
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  6. I don't know how you got that info, but GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(y)(y)(y)(y):D
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  7. It was announced a while back on the old Discord server. Probably like 3 months ago by now

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