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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Hex_27, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Hello @Hex_27 ,
    could you add support for 1.13?

    Thanks in advance :D
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  2. Any news about next update?
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  3. Hi,
    How could i enable Chat Prefixes. On my config its :true but not working. I'm using essentialsX and permissionsEx. Spigot 1.12.
  4. Any news on 1.13 / 1.13.1 Support coming soon?
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  5. Afaik, Kingdoms is currently undergoing a complete recode and 1.13 support is planned. There is no official info on when will the update be ready, but it will improve the plugin in every possible way once it's done
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  6. I don't know how you got that info, but GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(y)(y)(y)(y):D
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  7. It was announced a while back on the old Discord server. Probably like 3 months ago by now
  8. Wow! @goflish & @AfkF24 :unsure::giggle:

    ps. How can we all follow this info on all social media? subscriptions? and how about your RL then?
    I really don't see the purpose of using that much time on reading everything, almost impossible....for me it is...
  9. Is there a test server for this plugin? The one on the page is whitelisted
  10. Interesting, no news or message why @Songoda become owner of Kingdoms+ :unsure:
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  11. It was explained in the discord server for kingdoms. It happened because I wasn't free enough to handle kingdoms' recode anymore.

    TheCreeperCow is the lead developer working on it, now as part of Songoda's team. I'm not officially involved anymore for now.

    I was mostly waiting for a message from Songoda here so I didn't say anything, but I guess discussions aren't handled the same way. Announcements were given in their discord regarding this too though.

    As far as I know, the next version of Kingdoms contains a full recode, optimising various aspects of the plugin, as well as removing some of the data loss bugs that stuck around. It should support 1.13 and above, although I'm unclear if it will support 1.12 and before.
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  12. Thanks for your answer, good luck for the future.

    And thank to @TheCreeperCow for keeping the plugin alive :love:
  13. Since we have bought your plugin and use it, we encounter regularly many difficulties which will force us to close our PvP server.

    We often lose all datas without any console errors. Players lose their Kingdom and are attacked by their own Kingdom defenses.

    We are not able to rename "teleport stuff" (Avant-poste in french), our Nexus disappear too... Each week or nearly we encounter these kinds of issues....

    Could you fix it once for all please ?

    Thank you for your help.
  14. "Expect something breath taking for Kingdoms on 11.28.18 ;D" - As I know it's will be full plugin recoding. This should fix all existing problems.
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  15. Hi thank you for commenting my previous post, I would be happy if the recoding could be a reality :)
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  16. It is now past 28th, news?
  17. It's the 28th November :p
  18. Oh, damn, I thought it was sooner considering the recode has been taking so long. But this year has gone so fast too
  19. RandomHashTags


    Here is what I have for yall:

    - I am part of the development for the new recode. (I would consider myself the lead dev, but I am technically not, as I have made quick progress in the few days that I have been able to develop it [approx. 3 days since I first worked on it] in recoding @TheCreeperCow 's recode)
    - I am unsure of the next update expected release, but I will be working hard to pushing it before the predetermined November 28th

    - Some new features that will be included in this recode include Kingdom Chat Colors (which also allow for prefixes), player specific language used for messages, names, and lores, along with performance improvements, switching to .json files for data, kingdom name minimum and maximum length plus a character black list, and eventually mySQL support.
    - There will also be a TON of customization options that will be added in the recode!

    - Language files no longer will exist. They'll be implemented right into their respective files. You can implement a different language by adding the 2 uppercased ENGLISH letter abbreviations, followed by the ENGLISH path names.

    Here is an example of that: NOTE: The NL (Dutch/Flemish) was translated via Google Translate
    Code (YAML):
        help signature
         - " "
          - "&6Page &7%page%/12"
          - "&6do /k help &7<page> &6to see the next pages"
          - " "
        help signature
          - " "
          - "&6Pagina &7%page%/12"
          - "&6doe /k help &7<pagina> &6om de volgende pagina's te bekijken"
          - " "

    - Fixes that WILL be coming in the code include data loss fix, players being targeted by their Kingdom's turrets/champions, and any other previously known bugs. However I cannot confirm that it will be bugless, but I am determined to squash any and all bugs reported.

    I am thinking about supporting all Spigot 1.8.8-1.13.2 versions with the recode, but that might not happen! Gotta look at the update notes when they come out :)

    If you want something added into the plugin, I recommend you joining the songoda discord or mine and suggest it in the #suggestions text channel (songoda links you to here, where you need to create an account) with the correct formatting, or DM me via my Discord RandomHashTags#1948 .

    NOTE: I am prone to forget to add features if you DM me the suggestion, and don't ask what the current status of the suggested feature is. Please use the discords!

    The best way to contact me on spigot is by tagging me in your post (@RandomHashTags ) or DM'ing me.
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