Spigot KingKits 5.3.2

Use custom created kits to battle other players in PvP! Create/delete/rename kits in-game!

  1. i have v5.1.0
  2. There is no one time kit, but you can just set it to '6000000000000000000' (don't do anything higher than this).
  3. I'll try to test this next week, I have exams this week.
  4. Ok thanks good luck for your exams ;)
  5. anyway you can add auto respawn so i dont have to get another plugin? like when players die they respawn right away and not the

    auto-spawn: false/true
  6. I'm using this on my server which has many different worlds, including a KitPvP world where this is used. I made it so the plugin only used the world "kitpvp" so that people can't just do /pvpkit to get op stuff in the survival world etc. But how do I make it so they spawn back to a set point in the pvp arena? I tried setting it up so it would run /warp kitpvp <player> on death, but that did not work for me.
  7. Already have this feature in the code, just haven't enabled it since no one asked for it. Will do after my exams.

    You need another plugin to do this.
  8. sweet thanks i can remove instantspawn.
  9. Wow, Kingkits really is pretty unquie. I'm pretty wowed over by the ability to apply attributes without even holding any thing or any armor! Seriously, I set the walk speed to 0.5, stripped down everything and its still giving me that speed. How is that even possible?????
  10. Wow, you are pretty unique. I'm pretty wowed over the ability of you to comment without listing all the debugs. Seriously, how is that even possible?????

    No but seriously, the default walk speed is 0.25.
  11. for some reason this kit is only giving me one arrow in game why?

    Code (Text):
        Slot 8:
          Type: ARROW
          Amount: 64
          Data: 0
        Slot 7:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 6:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 5:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 4:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 3:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 2:
          Type: POTION
          Amount: 1
          Data: 16421
        Slot 0:
          Type: IRON_AXE
          Amount: 1
          Data: 0
        Slot 1:
          Type: BOW
          Amount: 1
          Data: 0
            ARROW_KNOCKBACK: 2
            ARROW_DAMAGE: 2
  12. Weird... it shouldn't do o.o Try another item with a higher amount.

    Edit: I found out your server is running v4.0.0. Of course I don't support older versions.
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  13. When I set the price for kit as 150.0 in the Tank.yml it says I need permission to use the kit instead of asking me to buy it with money (vault)
  14. Kit Signs cant be used by default player! only operators. My version: 5.0.6 :)
  15. I have removed all plugin only KingKits and Vault, But still not working!
  16. Are the kits signs in the spawn region? try to change the spawn radius
  17. Hey, I tried running the latest version of the plugin on a 1.7.10 server (which lets 1.8 players join as well) but the plugin won't start. I don't really want to use an older version since there were a lot of bugs. Is it possible to run the plugin on a 1.7.10 server somehow or can you make a version for that? Because I and the players on my server don't like some of the changes made in 1.8, e.g. "block-hitting" isn't really possible anymore, they kinda f*#cked it up. Thanks in advance!
  18. There is not a working version for 1.7.10, but you can view the source code on GitHub and get a developer/yourself to remove the 1.8 features.
  19. Hi,
    I can't open the GUI. It says
    Code (Text):
    That Command has been disabled
    In Config:
    Code (Text):
      Kit: true
      Kit create: true
      Kit delete: true
      Kit rename: true
      User kit create: true
      User kit delete: true
      User kit rename: true
      Preview kit: true
      Refill: true
    What is this?
  20. Are you opening the GUI in a non-Kit PvP world? For the worlds, make sure your kit pvp world is in the list, or it is set to 'All'