1.8.8 Kit Magic

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Fearowness, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. hey guys. i'm creating a PvP/HG server and i want to create a Magic Kit. how does he work? it's simple.
    the magic will use a diamond hoe. if him click with the right button, it will throw only good effect splash potions. and if him click with the left button, it will throw only bad effect splash potions. both with 10 seconds of cooldowns. if they click with left or right click, the cooldown is applying to both of the buttons, letting the player to choose if they gonna use left or right.
    but i need help with this. the part of the cooldowns i know how to do and it's already working because i have other kits with it. but i don't know how can i do these potion events. and i want to throw splash potions with left and right click, not addPotionEffect. anyone have any idea or can help me please? i just don't even know what event should i use. i'm quite new with java, and i've searched an event but didn't find it.
  2. dude i didn't came here for nothing, i'm asking for help bcause i didn't find anything in google or yt. btw there's nothing to help me in version 1.8.8.
  3. What are you writing, its really easy, but if you are going to google and searching: "Kit Magic..." you never will found nothing, start with the event of click, PlayerInteractEvent, then search how to do cooldowns and apply on that, and if the player isn't in cooldown, splash potion, and search on google, spawn potion with trayectory, or idk, that is really easy, only search on parts if you dont understand how to do... .-.
  4. lol u guys are crazy, of course i will search in google for "Kit Magic" XD
  5. That was literrally an example, because its really easy do this kit, and this is the tittle of this thread -.-