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  1. I am using KitAdder for my kits but the delay on them isn't working. I do it like this
    /createkit Titan 86400

    Why it isn't working?
  2. Hello DogyGame,
    The command in which you have typed is currently correct, so unless your config is not right. Please try checking your plugins, or any typos in your command. Hope that helped.
  3. I can't find kits that i make in essential file.
  4. When using the plugin KitAdder, it will change the format of your essentials config making it harder to find settings in your config
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  5. Is there a better plugin?
  6. I would recommend using the Essentials Config(Not a plugin) or just finding another kit plugin. Hope I helped.
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  7. Can i add enchanted items using essentials config?
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  8. Yes, there is a link in the Essentials Config, allowing you to see the examples for showing how Kits can be formed.