Spigot KitAddOn for LibsHungergames 0.10a

More kits to LibsHungergames

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    KitAddOn for LibsHungergames - More kits to LibsHungergames

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  2. Timelord :O omg
  3. when will the other kits be available?
  4. ...working on it.
  5. Looks interesting might download this soon to check out the kits :p
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    Add kit TimeLord

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  7. does the permissions still have an effect? like libshungergames.kit or something?
  8. I'am using libs API, It works exactly like LibsMcpvp. So it should not be a problem.
  9. great! good stuff. if you make enough kits you can put a price tag on this!
  10. what about the kit hades, since lib removed it?
  11. also are you able to time timelord freeze people mid-air?
  12. not sure about it, will look into it.
  13. it would be good against phantom and stomper kangaroo ect...
  14. Hi ! I found an error:
    Code (Text):
    [17:53:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [Hungergames] Error while loading ability TimeLord - Can not set java.util.HashMap field com.pyr0x3n.librarys.Abilities.TimeLord.frozen to org.bukkit.configuration.MemorySection
  15. did you try deleting your kits and abilitys file? refresh it.
  16. I will try =]
  17. I've tried different alternatives for that, but all of them introduce massive lag to the server. The only solution for that, is to modify the server (spigot) and that above my knowledge.

    Sorry couldn't help you with that one, Anyways I'll continue to develop more kits for the plugin.
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