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  1. Hey,

    Setting up a KitPvP server. I need a KitPvP plugin with:
    • A Coins System
    • Kits that players can buy (preferably customisable)
    • Custom Messages
    • Placeholders
    • Leaderboard
    Does such a plugin exist or do I have to get someone to make a custom one? I have had a look at a few KitPvP plugins, and none of them have ALL of these features. I am happy to use multiple plugins for this. Also, is it possible to get up a hologram leaderboard?


  2. 1. SimpleCoinsAPI & vault
    2. Essentials?
    3. What do u mean?
    4. PlaceholderAPI
    5. LeaderHeads
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  3. There are dozen of plugins for KitPvP.
    Definitely don't need to roll out your bank to pay developers.

    If you are not familier with creating a good looking server, download a pre-made kitpvp server.
    Then study what each plugin does and change it to your own flavour
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  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at SimpleCoinsAPI and Leaderheads.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look around for pre-made KitPvP servers and see what plugins are used for kits, and find the one best suited to my requirements. I will keep this thread open, just in case anyone knows of any other plugins I could use. Thanks again.