Kitpvp rankup system and a kitpvp plugin

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Which Is much easier to use

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  1. Pex {Permission Ex}

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  2. gm {Groupmanager}

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  1. i need one of a good 1.8+ kitpvp rankup system i want this
    1. You can buy ones with coins
    2. you kill people to get coins
    3. comes with kits already
    4. Customizable {doesnt need to be customizable if is illa ccept}
    5. Ik theres kitbattle advanced but i dont want pay
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  2. These are permission-plugins and not rankup-plugins.
    You'll need both kind to configure an automatic rank-up-system if that's your goal.

    For the permissions-plugin I'd go with Pex or Luckperms.
  3. Permission ex is too easy to configure.. especially for ranks! :D download Rankup plugin too! It support pex
  4. I would use LuckPerms, it's very easy to configure and has a great developer working on it.
  5. FrostedSnowman

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    zpermissions is by far the best.

    sql support
    fast & easy
    powerful and well programmed
    easy API
    per-region permissions
    per-world permissions + more
    supports multiple promotion ladders
  6. Excuse me sir?
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  7. I would go for PermissionsEX or LuckPerms. :)
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