Spigot KitPvp 2.3.1

A KitPvp Plugin Like No Other!

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    KitPvp - A KitPvp Plugin Like No Other!

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  3. Just checked it out, and people can drag the items from the GUI into inventory :(
  4. is there any error in console! ?
  5. Hmm Let Me Check on Somzing! Are You Running The Latest Spigot 1.8.6?
  6. Try My Latest Update
  7. Check out the latest update! and if it did work be sure to leave a good rating! :)
  8. how does it work arena?? or what main question= SETUP HOW??
  9. Learn What KitPvp Is! Look Here:
  10. oio i did not know that ltjim did the tutorial about THIS plugin
    he is awesome
  11. Hmm Somthing Tells Me He Didn't
  12. Can i only activate this plugin on a predefined world and not in the Others?
  13. I Don't Understand What You Mean?
  14. i have a multiworld server and i would like to use this plugin only on my kitpvp world, is it possible?
  15. yes! just use PluginPerWorld, or at the bottom of the config in disabled worlds just put in the world name that the plugin should not work in!