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    Kits Creator - Create your kits for your own server!

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    Update 1.1 !

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  3. [​IMG] Hello, I have a bug when I get the kit where things are given out to 0, i.e. using them they disappear ...
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  4. Ok I will check this later thank you for your review :)
  5. you should add like a kit preview command were maby it opens a chest and shows the kit so example /kitpreview {kitname}
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  6. I will add this feature in the next update! Thank you for your review :)
  7. + add a way were you can put it in a sign and put it like a custom thing idk and make it so u can place the chest down and players can preview it thru that way to xD
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  8. I will add this on the next update. Again x) Thank you! :)
  9. Hi, two questions. What is the time signature for the delay and could you add an output of you have {delay} seconds remaining? I love this kit plugin I just cant quite figure out delays.
  10. Could you make it so you can add a price to certain kits? (which means it would be compatible with economy plugins)
  11. I will add this on the next update! Thank you for your comment :)
  12. I can test it but it's not garanted. Thank you for your comment!
  13. I tried the new plugin update and the gui shows the kits as chests and when I click one, it takes the chest from the gui
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  14. 2 curiosities:
    1) When installed for the first time and ran, it didn't include the config.yml file within the jar so my consoled threw an error. Which made me freak a little and download first versions and such trying to get the file. (Noob status revealed) Realized that it is created when a kit is first made. But maybe create an initial kit or something and include it with your jar?

    2) I went to go make a kit for the "banking" on my server. Just to give a json book for players. However, trying to make the kit seems to spit out 2 books. Neither have the json links inside and in the config, only 1 book is shown. Is there a way to force the full json book?
  15. I can't make updates of the plugin because my computer is dead.
    I will make an update when it will repair!
    Thanks for your reviews and comments <3
  16. Download the new version of the plugin and restart your server! :)
  17. If you can make it so the armor can be saved in the armor slots than this plugin deserves 5 stars!

    I am Dutch so my English is not good :(