Spigot KittenForever - Manage animal growth! 1.0.0

Lightweight plugin to stop and resume the growth of some animals.

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    KittenForever Manage animal growth! - Lightweight plugin to stop and resume the growth of some animals.

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  2. Looks great! Thanks for including permissions :) if you're looking for ideas for how to expand this (not needed, it's already complete as is!) You could think about adding in craftable food items that can be used to change the breed, for horses, llamas, cats, etc, but, like I said, this is complete as is and really doesn't need anything else! (A breed changer may be better off as it's own plugin)
  3. Thanks for you feedback! I'm open to features suggestions, but I'm not sure changing the breed fits this plugin very well (I assume by "changing the breed" you mean "changing the fur skin"?)
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    Paper-1.16.5 with java 16, would it be possible to support that version as well or do you plan on keeping this 1.17 only?
  5. This plugin has opened another door to the horses! I have my "mares" in pens with their foals for perspective buyers to see what kind of foal she produces from select Stallions :D

    Can you either make this AWESOME, FUN, plugin with Genders for the horses that only opposite genders can breed, or make a separate plugin of such? If you do add it to KittensForever you may want to add an option for it in the config.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work! <3
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