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  1. Does anyone know what plugins the Minemen server uses to get the knockback you have in Practice? or any list of plugins that I can use to get the same kb and hit delay?
  2. You can have a look at "randomkb" which is a knockback modifying plugin.
    For the specific configs you needed to ask the mmc staff itself....
  3. With that plugin do I need some plugin to record the hits, or is randomkb more than enough? and who could I talk to to know the minemen kb :( I want to achieve a good kb like the one they have
  4. That's the plugin:

    You only need this plugin and nothing else to modify your knockback.
    What you could do is to get e friend on mmc and just "analyse" the knockback by testen dirrent scenarios like:
    - kb when hit normally
    - kb when hit while walking
    - kb when hit while sprinting

    I think mmc didn't modify it that much because it feels quite natural.
    Good luck

    According to moderator the kb on mmc is completely unmodified. (But they only "believe").
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