Bungee - Bukkit KnockBackFixer [A MUST FOR ALL PVP SERVERS] 4.2

Fix the popular knockback bug and increment your server PvP experience!

  1. EdoDev2 submitted a new resource:

    KnockBackFixer - This plugin fix a popular knockback bug when player relog...

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  2. When will pro version be out willing to buy it
  3. When spigot apply me premium resources I post PRO version!
  4. I really would like the pro version pls give you premium :D
  5. :)
  6. Why exactly is this released with the strictest license, and do people have to pay 5 bloody euros to remove a join message o_O?
  7. Hey, i bought this plugin, but sometimes me or other players dont get knockback. Thats unfair :( PLS fix this!!!
  8. Commercial strategy lol
  9. Well technically I can still remove it on request, for private use. Because then I won't be distributing the jar :p.
  10. Do it if you are happy.
  11. Premium version ? Link?
  12. Spigot has removed premium version for inactivity. I will reupload this today.
    #13 EdoDev2, Mar 13, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2016
  13. Ok :D Thanks
  14. Hey spigot Prenium ?
  15. The kb late Takes It Takes paid for that I make her well ?
  16. The kb late Takes It Takes paid for that I make her well ?
  17. Hello i have a probleme with the version 2.0... It doesn't work when i put it in the plugs folder.. Someone can help me please!

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