Spigot KnockbackPatch 1.0.3

Fixes the 'Relog' bug for 1.7.X

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    KnockbackPatch - Fixes the 'Relog' bug for 1.7.X

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  2. Since this plugin cancels the vanilla KB, then applies the plugins knock-back, players that normally cannot hit other players can, but don't deal knock-back.

    For example, we have a spawn flagged with PVP deny. When players try to PVP other players in the region instead of cancelling the event, it deals the knock-back but does no damage to the player.
  3. The plugin checks if the damage event has been cancelled so that shouldn't happen, are you using a custom plugin for the regions?
  4. It's good it's been fixed, it was something on my end overpowering your EntityDamageByEntity event.
    I appreciate the fast reply though, thanks!
  5. What set no work hit antiknock
  6. 1.8 - 1.11 sup needed if you use Old Combat Mechanic Plugin
  7. Help Please i have installed the plugins on my servzr 1.8 spigot and we take 0 kb i have delete the plugins and we take 0 kb without the plugins