Spigot KnockIT - KnockOUT | Multi arena | Sign System | First skript 1.8

This is my first Skript and if there are many bugs reports me there

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    KnockIT-KnockOUT [Multi arena] [Setup arena] -first skript- - The best knockout-knockit mingame arena

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  2. I´m to stuipit to install the skript can you explain it me?
    sry for my bad english xD
  3. Don't worry man.
    Search Skript to Google.com or chrome and dowland Skript on bukkit.
    After that put the plugin on your server.Start the server and the plugin create 2 folders.
    Open the folder skript and there is a folder named Skript.Put this plugin in the skript folder and you have finished.Sorry for my bad english too.