KVM VDS vs Dedicated Server

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  1. Hello, I’m currently have a openvz vps and was planning on upgrading. Could anyone tell me what is the difference between KVM VDS and dedicated servers? Really looking to see if there is a performance difference.

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    A dedicated server will have resources available to you at all times, whereas on a VPS the resources you get are shared with others on the same host node.

    However, both KVM and dedicated servers will grant you far more control than an OpenVZ VPS (which is essentially just a fancy container). For instance, you can run operating systems other than a Linux distribution on them (such as Windows Server or a BSD variant).
  3. I recommend using VPS(s) for your proxies and website (unless you have an extremely large community in which case go dedicated) and using dedicated servers with good specs to host your databases & game servers (bukkit instances).
  4. A dedicated server is a real machine in a datacenter where a KVM is a virtual server on a host machine.
  5. What about a VDS? Is it different from vps?
  6. No, a VDS is usually a VPS with Multicraft installed.
  7. VDS = Virtual Dedicated Server. It's basically a VPS
  8. On VPS and VDS you don't have the whole machine for you. In the case of a dedicated server, well, all the server is yours and no one get to "steal" performance from it.