/l lollol - what this mean ? hack ???

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by struja, May 11, 2017.


What they try to do?

  1. how to make safty server

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  2. 123

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  1. JamesJ


    You run an offline server, yes?
  2. Looks like a bot attack..

    If so, Make your server premium, There is no reason to keep your server cracked since the game is only ~25$
  3. Yes U R right , but this attack from this morning dont make any changes , I m interested for this command
    /l lollol what this mean?
    I have premium acc but many ppl here dont have :(
  4. think the command is just to spam the server, does not have any meaning
  5. /l is an alias for /login on a lot of authentication plugins. "lollol" would be the password attempted.

    Even on my online mode server that doesn't use any of these types of plugins or authenticators I see this in my logs. Usually it's spammed back to back with different passwords. I just ban these users because it's an obvious hacked client regardless of intention.
  6. Thanks all for fast support , have nice rest of the day !

    :) :cool:
  7. maby because is set to false in login security they cant do anything ...
    enabled: false
    login: /l
    register: /reg
  8. nXjZqNe9fjHoQz5s lost connection: disconnect.spam

    is this spam ?
    how can i protect of spamers?
  9. JamesJ


    online-mode: true
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  10. I think I heard James face palm from here
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  11. I II try StopProxy ...
    Anyway, What the heck do you mean by this, Turn your server to online mode as @JamesJ has said 15K times, Your profile picture proves your 10? So listen to people in your life, It will be helpful
  13. No need to get offensive. He's only asking a question and as you said, he's only 10. By the looks of things I don't think you were listening to everyone at 10?

    What he meant was

    "I will try the plugin 'stopProxy'".
  14. Hey dont be so angry, i just need help and feel like speak with microsoft support [i forget that MicroSoft buy this game]
    I have 40years and never play this game but I enjoed to other ppl play on my server and they have no premium acc.
    Im system administrator in software company and dont know so much about this game, this is only reason to be here.
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  15. MicroSoft will not help you
  16. first night wife said bill gates :
    I know why your company has name MicroSoft :p
  17. This has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft nor Mojang nor anyone besides you. You're running a server in offline mode which allows people to play on your server that have not purchased the game. I am fairly sure that it is in online mode by default, meaning you changed it on purpose, so I suppose you were the one that did it and you know what that feature does. You should not be suprised to see a simple bot attack like that. Someone is simply spamming your server with fake Minecraft accounts, and this is possible because you're running an offline server.

    People suggesting to put it in online mode isn't going to greatly help him; he purposely put his server in offline mode, meaning his playerbase is probably offline. His databases are based on offline UUID's, and so on. Changing it to online will not do good. Get an anti-bot plugin.
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  18. I understand thx for suggestion .Now i found
    AntiBot-Ultra 6.7 and
    Anti Bot Attack 2.1
    I II put attack version and wait my favorite gusests
  19. What's the fricking reason you won't put it in online mode?
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