Spigot LabyMod Key Inputs Library 1.0

You are now able to check for key inputs of players!

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    LabyMod Key Inputs Library - You are now able to check for key inputs of players!

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  2. Does this allows you to assign for example the key "k" to a command/action?
  3. Yes it does (but the user needs to have LabyMod 3 with the Key Inputs addon installed). Just listen to the LabyModClientKeyEvent and check the key name! :)
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  4. So what do you mean with the Key Input for the user?
  5. My LabyMod addon checks for key presses and sends them to the server the player is playing on. My plugin will process the received data and you are able to listen to a event in which you are able to execute a command when the user presses key "K" for example.
  6. Hey, i used your api to create a plugin but it doesn't work. I used the example you gave and there are no errors.
    Hey, ich habe deine API benutzt um ein Plugin zu erstellen aber es funktioniert nicht. Ich habe genau dein Beispuel genutzt und es gibt auch keine Fehler.
  7. Hast du in deinem LabyMod Client das LabyMod Key Inputs Addon installiert?