Lag, help me with timings please...

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  1. Greetings. I hope you can help me, I installed a new BlockHunt map on my server, so I had to install Protocllib 3.6.5, libsdisguises 8.6.7 and blockhunt 0.2.0 b5, but the problem now is that there's lag :(

    Here is the timings report

    Note: I had to use those plugin versions because my server is 1.8.8, also, the map has a lot of grass and trees and I'm wondering if that could cause lag. BTW it works perfect on my home localhost server, the problem appeared when I uploaded it to my server.
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  2. Nevermind, updating BlockHunt to 0.2.0 (not the beta), fixed it, anybody with this issue can try doing the same.
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