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  1. Hi, I'd like some help on some lag issues that started popping up on my server. So I've had people complaining about the combat being laggy, as in when they hit a mob, or shoot an arrow at a mob, it lags. The bow and arrow is especially noticeable, when shot the arrow bounces, jitters, and takes much longer than usual to hit the target about 3-5 secs longer depending on the distance. So if anyone knows what may be the issue, please don't hesitate to respond.

    P.S. My allocated ram for the server is 3072MB/3GB, and I only have a few plugins installed, GSit and World Edit.
  2. Run a timings report and post it here.
  3. The reason your lagging is because of the 1.14.X world saving. You can help this by extending the period your autosaves take place (5 minutes --> 10 minutes). Also, if you are using Multicraft for your control panel, disable that auto save because Spigot has its own built in one. Another thing you can do is do incremental saving (see Optimization Guide). If you are hosting the server yourself, you can move it onto an SSD or an NVMe SSD for better results.

    Optimization Guide:‚ö°.283181/

    Hope this helped,
  4. Thank you so much, everything's running smoothly now
  5. Glad to hear! If you have any more questions, let me know.