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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone else been experiencing bad TPS or bad lag since the release of 1.5? If so any idea on what it could be? Thank you.
  2. If you provide a timings we can help you. (/timings on, wait 30-60 minutes, do /timings paste, and post link here).

    Also, you can look at the first link in my signature for an optimization guide.
  3. Why are you running a game version that’s seven years old? No wonder you’re having lag issues!
    Okay, I assume you meant 1.15. :p

    There’s no way for us to pin-point your problem and help you when you give zero information other than the game version you’re running. You didn’t say what kind of server you’re running, how many players it has, what server version you’re running, how many plugins you’re using, what plugins you’re using, and so on.

    Generally, though, any server should do the following things in order to minimize lag:

    • Optimize your bukkit.yml, spigot.yml and by following this fantastic guide by Celebrimbor.
    • Install LaggRemover. This plugin unloads unnecessarily loaded chunks and offers a garbage collection feature to keep your server using as little RAM as possible and, thus, heavily reducing lag.
    • Install Farm Limiter. It’s a premium plugin, but it’s cheap and well worth it, as it reduces the number of the same entity that can be in the same spot, reducing lag from large farms.

    Also, if you’re using WorldEdit, I recommend that you also purchase and install AsyncWorldEdit, which changes every WorldEdit function into being asynchronous, letting you use WorldEdit to your heart’s content without affecting the server’s TPS or players’ frame rates.

    If you provide more information about your server and also provide a timings report as YourCoal suggested, we can help you further and more specifically. :coffee:
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