Lag issues with Chestshops/(iConomy?!) (Laggspikes)

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    last week we started using spigot and we are positively suprised:)
    It gaves us a HUGE Tps increase, but there remain some laggspikes.

    there are 2-5 laggspikes with a duration from 4-7 seconds in a row.

    They appear completely random.
    (We are running a 100 slot server, hosted by
    When the server is near then empty, (20player and below) those laggspikes are still there.

    Our serverlog is "clean" no errors or something like that.
    We think that chestshop oder iConomy causes this problem.(spamming the /buy/sell sign)
    To solve this problem, we tried to use a sql iConomy Database, but the laggspikes a still there.

    Any1 else have this problem, what can we do against it?

    Spigot 1.4.7 R1.0 Recommended Build

    Our plugins:
    iConomy 7
    chestshop - v3.50 t0041
    bpermissions 2.10.3
    multiverse core/inventories
    nocheatoplus latest alpha

    (when you need more infos, pls write that)

  2. Have you tried increasing the pause times between purchases to like 500ms in the config? Otherwise people will spam shops and that will lag hard.
  3. iConomy is probably your issue. I remember when I used iConomy (a long time ago) and had ChestShop...if you held down right click on a ChestShop sign it would bring the tps down to 0 basically...might want to test that.
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    Fe seems to be running fine, currently we continue using chesthop.

    Do you think chestshop also creates some lagg?